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Why publish Chautha and Uthamna Ads in the Newspaper ?
Addressed by different names the Chautha/Besna/Uthala marks the ceremony for performing the last rites for the deceased. This ceremony is performed on the fourth day following the death of the beloved by Hindus. The ceremony is held in silence except for the chanting of the Holy Bhagavad Geeta-The holy book of Hindus. In this case, the family with friends and distant relatives gather to mourn the death of the deceased and pray for his/her soul’s peace.
What documents are needed ?
A scanned copy of Death Certificate or Doctor's Certificate or Cremation Document is required as a supporting document to place the ad.
What is a recommended Ad format to follow ?
Sample ads for Chautha ceremony are as follows: 1. With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of {deceased name}. Chautha ceremony will be held on {date} at {venue address}, {time}. {Family member's name}, 2. We regret to inform that {deceased name} expired on {date}. His Chautha is on {date} between {time} at his residence {venue address}. From: {family member's name}
Any Ad composing tips ?
1. Check whether the deceased details in the ad text are correctly entered, name, date of death, time. 2. Ensure to mention ceremony details {address and time}. 3. Share the contact details (if necessary}
View the latest Chautha and Uthamna ads published in Dinakaran

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